PS3, PS4 network login downtime caused Twitter mayhem

PS3, PS4 network login downtime caused Twitter mayhem

Did you have PS3 or PS4 network problems? Many gamers had issues trying to login in to the PSN and this caused Twitter mayhem.

Sony has since fixed the issue with logging in to the PlayStation Network, and it was blamed on the PS4.

When those celebrating Christmas opened up their presents and got the PlayStation 3 or PS4 some may have been a little disappointed trying to get onto the PlayStation Network, the PlayStation forums went crazy with complaints and searching for answers.

I personally still have the PS3 and got Call of Duty Ghosts for Christmas, I had no problems at all logging into the PSN.

Below there are a few tweets found on Twitter of those that had issues with the PlayStation network, one is very funny about spending time with the family.

Another tweet we found is by Product-Reviews and they explain in detail how PS4 created PSN down status over holidays.

Calling all PS3 and PS4 gamers, did you have problems with the PSN login downtime?

  • david

    Get the psn working now!!!!!!!! It’s been the 2nd day now I can’t sign into psn!!!!