Google+ Auto Awesome year in review personal video

Google+ Auto Awesome year in review personal video

Everyone loves it when there is a new update, and after Facebook’s successful Year-in-Review feature Google+ has decided they should offer something similar to its users. This is where the cool ‘Auto Awesome’ feature comes into play.

If you are a Google+ user and have uploaded many photographs will get to see their very own Year-in-Review video reel of their photographs using the Auto Awesome feature.

Users photographs will basically get a small slideshow, which will be featured in a one-minute video, the slideshow can be a mixture of your private or public photographs.

These will come to your inbox as a Google+ notification, the slideshow will show up as a video and will show in your Google+ Videos tab. You can share the video publicly or just keep it private, totally up to you. The slideshow images are set to music selected by the Auto Awesome feature.

Not too sure on how many users will get this new feature, it seems like that those that are active Google+ users and ones that upload enough content will get the video.

Search in Google+ using the term #year2013 to check video slideshows, the ones that show here are from users who have shared publicly.

Have you got your Google+ Year In Review video yet?

Source - Mashable