Gmail automatic image viewing can be disabled

Every time you open up your Gmail to check you emails your will notice most of the time “display images below”, this will no longer be showing after a Google update.

Many Gmail users that login to check their emails are well aware of the Show Images link at the top of an email that contains photos like HTML newsletters etc. This message will no longer show according to Google because they have changed how Gmail checks images in emails.

Gmail email users will now automatically see images, and before you ask there will be no security issue with your PC or laptop etc. Google is now filtering images via its secure proxy servers and not the normal way of displaying them from an outside source.

Emails are more secure and of course more safer than before, all images will be checked for malware or viruses, which means that annoying ‘display images below’ link wil no longer be, for more in-depth information please visit the official Google Gmail Blog.

If you are a Gmail user you can disable automatic image viewing, all you need to do is Go to your Gmail login and open, click on the gear (Settings) icon in the top right hand corner, select Settings and then stay in the General tab, scroll down until your see Images section and then choose “Ask before displaying external images”. Once you have done the above please click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of that page.

What are your views on the new Gmail change?

Gmail automatic image viewing can be disabled