Yahoo Mail down, users unable to login: Update

Yahoo mail went down today and after they said it would be restore it is still having problems.

Senior vice president for Yahoo’s communication products Jeff Bonforte said that they are aware of the issues and reported that it was down to a hardware problem at one of Yahoo’s company’s mail data centers.

The downtime started at 10:30 pm PT Monday night and said that there will be a fix at 3 p.m. PT, those that are affected would be able to access their inboxes at this time, but we are still hearing that people are having issues with Yahoo mail login.

One Twitter users said to Jeff Bonforte “@bonforte what’s the update? The link to the message is the same as this am - no change and no email access still. Beyond frustrated,” which he replied with the tweet below.

We visited Yahoo Customer Care Twitter account and they tweeted a few times saying Yahoo Mail is aware some users are having service disruptions. The engineering team is working on the issue. Pls stay tuned for updates.

Update: Some users are able to login to Yahoo mail but cannot access new mail.

Are you having Yahoo mail downtime problems still?

Update by Yahoo at 12/11/13 - 11:15 pm PST

We wanted to give you another quick update as we continue to work on Yahoo Mail tonight.

We restored POP mail access earlier this evening and are still working to restore IMAP. In the meantime, the best way to access your email on mobile is through a Yahoo Mail app for iOS or Android, which you can download here:
and on desktop, log into Yahoo Mail through your browser.

The affected servers have been up and running for over six hours and we’ve already delivered over 30% of messages sent during the outage. We expect all emails to be delivered by tomorrow afternoon.

Some users may still have trouble accessing their accounts but we are working through the night on this and will post again in the morning Pacific Time with the latest updates.

Yahoo Mail down, users unable to login

  • Pra

    What should we do?
    What can you do?

  • Allen Zarazun

    still not working…6 hours after they said it’s fixed

  • Mel

    I downloaded the iOS app. It does not work. Can not access my Yahoo email regardless of the method I use.

  • Lisa

    still can’t login on desktop, any new info?

  • eidylon

    still down here too. Webmail works fine, Android app works fine, but POP access from Outlook is kaput. 😕

  • Lee Davidson

    far out. i thought id be hacked cause i can access my email via my samsung but i couldnt through my laptop. any ideas when it will be up and running?

  • Dan

    My Yahoo mail still down today. I’m from Indonesia. What can i do? Help

  • Bill

    I’m having unbelievable mail problems with yahoo on my iphone.
    It keeps asking for my password, then when I put the password in it says “the server can’t be located”. I’ve deleted the account 4 times and set the account back up again and still the same problems. I downloaded a web app and that works ok but the one on the iphone is just driving me mad!

  • KarenB

    Still can’t login to my yahoo mail 12/22/2013

  • Claudita

    I have problems whit singup mybaccount is hacker all ther time fot 4 years help me

  • steven

    until now i couldnt log in i have change my password which i thought that was a problem with my yahoo.

  • nikki

    Hi i haven’t been able to get into my
    yahoo mail for sometime now, i have been using my yahoo mail for abt 10 years now n i have alot of important stuff on there, i cant change my password cos they send it to my old email which is Tha default email, n i cant access tht email anymore cos they don’t exist, so i was wondering how i would get my yahoo back, with all my emails tht i havent been able to check, is my email i always use i really need it, thank you😊