Starbound game update balanced features via Reddit

If you are playing the Starbound game you will be happy to learn that a new update is now available according to a Reddit member, this game by Chucklefish Ltd looks basic with its two-dimensional pixel design but offers so much in the way of gameplay.

As promised by a Starbound Facebook status update we can now share with you the major update that’s includes a lot such as a grappling hook and many other features that have rebalanced everything within the game.

As a bonus we have also added the awesome ‘McDombles - I’m Gonna Be 500 miles’ YouTube video, got to love this one.

Starbound update features include: HUGE balance patch, every item, creature, armour and weapon rebalanced, which includes the Levelling system being re-written, Added early implementation of creature taming. Added new mining items, new weapons, new throwable items, new boss and new sector of the galaxy, also added includes the new grappling hook and a stance system to weaponry, not currently used but will allow us to add secondary attacks to weaponry very soon.

Other things in the update include many new sounds, New monster palettes, Guns more common in tier 3, Underground detached/rare biomes more common, Ore rebalance, Underground random encounters/Underground chests more common, Baby monsters, new hats have been added, players can also disable using the beam-axe to light caves underground.

A pixel compressor for high cost banking as now been added, which was an idea from Ncrpts, some monsters now graze on grass, and so much more. For more information please visit the Starbound Reddit update page here.

Just a quick question – How is the starbound server holding up for you?

Starbound game update balanced features via Reddit

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