LinkedIn is just too busy to survive social fray

LinkedIn is just too busy to survive social fray

LinkedIn was once the social place to be, but since it started many other social media sites have shined and given us all different platforms with diverse needs. Has LinkedIn reached its optimum level of growth?

LinkedIn was in but now it might as well be called LinkedOut according to some, now we have the likes of Facebook and Google+ and of course Twitter, on the grand scale of things Twitter is very popular indeed and offers simplicity at its best. However, we put LinkedIn in the same category as Facebook and Twitter in the way the pages are laid out.

To stay right at the top of the social media game you have to adapt quickly, make things fun for the user as well as providing a professional service. Forbes put a long news piece together explaining that LinkedIn is not as much fun as Facebook, its not as crucial as Google+ and not user-friendly like Twitter, and we have to agree with them.

LinkedIn’s layout is not simple, it looks way too busy for the eye and only allows you to post one photo, users cannot get to know each other as easy as other social sites. But then the site is more for the professional, it was never put in place to have fun, it was mainly for business-minded users, one looking for jobs and those advertising jobs.

But in our mind it’s all about being innovative and LinkedIn is not that, LinkedIn is definitely being rewarded from what they are doing financially and they are a success, but for how long?

LinkedIn really needs to put its thinking hat on because Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are growing at such a fast rate and we can only but see this slow down LinkedIn’s pace. If they want to service the social media world they need to think about where they are going in the future, they need to expand and broaden their minds. Offer a totally free service is one option, make it more interactive for users instead of offering the snobby feel about it all.

What do you like and dislike about LinkedIn?