PS4 beats Xbox One in social media mentions

The new Sony PS4 has sold over 250 thousand units in the UK within its first 48 hours on sale, this s a staggering number when it comes to the Xbox One only managing around 150k in sales.

It does not stop there for the Sony PlayStation 4 console because according to new research via ‘Way To Blue’ the PS4 beats the Xbox One in social media mentions.

The research reports that the Sony PS4 has more social media mentions than the Xbox One within a 72 hour period, the Xbox One in the UK within three days showed 50,703 social media mentions, bit the PS4 had 55,368 mentions.

When it comes to the ‘propensity to purchase’ the Xbox shows figures of 11 per cent and the PS4 showed 12 per cent.

These numbers also show that the PS4 gained 52 per cent share of the related social media traffic. Do you prefer the Sony PS4 or the Microsoft Xbox One?

Source - MCV UK

PS4 beats Xbox One is social media mentions