Google Plus profile covers and pattern creator

Google Plus profile covers and pattern creator

There are so many ideas in what you have as your Google Plus profile cover, but choosing the one that fits best is the challenge.

You can simply choose your own photo and then crop to size to fit as your Google Plus cover, or you could use someone else’s creation or even make one yourself.

Choosing your own photo is boring, so why not create your own background and then download so you can crop to size! There is a cool online app called PatCreator, which allows users to generate their very own seamless background patterns.

There are three main steps, and these include ‘Texture’, ‘Color and ‘Pattern/s, you can tweak them as much as you like and adjust where need be. Love the fact you can blend the modes and opacity.

You could choose the simple option and use Google Plus Covers that have already been created by G+ user Vasili Hartikainen, he has 11 stunning covers for you right now, and he gives total permission to use them. Click on his name above for the covers.

The Google Plus Covers album is there for you to use for free, the creator says they are 1080×608 px and should be good enough as a G+ profile cover. Vasili said that they used the GIMP software for making the background covers.

Do you use the standard Google Plus profile covers or do you use your own?