Google one sign in for Gmail new account and more

Google one sign in for Gmail new account and more

There is no need to sign in to multiple Google accounts anymore; one login now allows you to access all accounts.

The new Google One account is great for existing users, but even better for newcomers who wish to set up a new account with Google - One account is all you need.

Just one single username and password will get you a Gmail new account set-up, Google Plus; you can access Google Play, and so much more. If it is Google then one account set up is all you need.

Just create your profile and preferences the way you want it to be and then switch between each service being it G+, Gmail, and Google Play Store etc.

If you visit here and follow the on-screen instructions you will be set-up in no time at all.

Current users all know about the Google One account, but for newcomers all you need to do is follow the Google sign-up. Add your name, then choose your username; create a password and so forth.

Google is an easier place to be now; one sign-in for all makes life simple to say the least. Do you like the new Google One account?