Gmail login ban for government officials by Russia

Gmail login ban for government officials by Russia

Foreign government officials have had a Gmail login ban issued to them by Russian security services, the news reports that they believe American programs could spy on its users.

The Russian presidential envoy, the FSB was sent a letter that advised foreign government officials not to use e-mail, and this includes the service Gmail.

Many government employees of state departments use Gmail as well as other email services and banning them is a start to stop the breach of security.

Earlier this month one of the major scandals hit the headlines, this was when Washington massively pulled together data in Europe and Asia. In the end the U.S recognized that espionage went too far, but according to many sources and news reports this fell short of the fight against terrorism and the prevention of terrorist attacks, recalls site.

For more information please read the full report on Russia banning public officials using Gmail.

Do you think it is right thing to do by banning Gmail usage?

  • allah

    they should do as they thought .