Facebook status updates lures robbers

Facebook can be a place of social networking bliss where you can chat with friends, read status posts etc from friends and family. But, in some rare cases Facebook can lead to turmoil, such as cyber-bullying and even robbery.

One particular Facebook status post was blamed for a house robbery, one Facebook users called Gina Taylor had her house broken into with theft adding up to $20K.

Many Facebook users are active and basically update their wall on a daily basis multiple times a day, but sometimes this could have an affect on people’s lives. Gina Taylor posted on her wall last Friday that her and the entire family would be out of town attending the Canucks game in Vancouver, this turned out to be one of her worst Facebook posts ever.

According to CBC News it seems that thieves were looking at her Facebook wall, these robbers have peoples Facebook accounts and this was the perfect chance for them to rob the house when the family were away.

The house was robbed on Saturday including Ms Taylor’s vehicle, they stole TVs computers and many other gadgets, they also took clothes and strangely enough they took the groceries. The victims did not have any insurance, Taylor now warns anyone wishing to update their Facebook wall to be very careful what they write.

Have you ever been a victim on Facebook?

Facebook status updates to robbery victim