Gay marriage Facebook dispute with Cheney sisters

Gay marriage Facebook dispute with Cheney sisters

Liz Cheney who is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney does not agree with her sister on gay marriage, Liz says she lovers her sister Mary Cheney and her family very much and that this subject is something we disagree on.

So the sisters do not see eye-to-eye and so much so the dispute has now erupted on Facebook, Liz Cheney does not agree with gay marriages.

Former Vice President, Dick Cheney and father of the daughters, campaigned to make lawful gay marriage in Maryland.

Mary Cheney’s partner Heather Poe is obviously not happy with her partners sister and took to Facebook to say her piece, Poe is basically Liz Cheney’s sister-in-law, Mary and Poe also have two children and Poe was not happy to see Liz on Fox News Sunday where Liz said “yes Liz, in fifteen states and the District of Columbia you are my sister-in-law” and also said “I do believe in the traditional definition of marriage.”

Mary and Heather got married in 2012 and has shared holidays with their two children with Liz, and now she disputes gay marriage. Poe believes it is offensive that her sister-in-law does not support their right to marry.

Read Heather Poe’s Facebook message here, Mary Cheney said after Poe’s status “Liz - this isn’t just an issue on which we disagree - you’re just wrong - and on the wrong side of history.”

Seems like Facebook is the home of disputes as well as many other things. What are your views on gay marriages?