Facebook status games in 2013

There are many games on Facebook that go viral, and one that went crazy on the social network was the silly but clever Giraffe Facebook profile photo riddle game. So now OSM will look at the most recent Facebook status games in 2013.

Facebook status games in 2013

There are a couple of Facebook status games that stick out the most, one will definitely test out your relationship and the other is a game that generates a FB status update for you.

There is one Facebook Status game that is pathetic but will get you lots of comments; it is taking over the social network. Not sure if you have seen it yet or not but people were posting weird status messages that do not make sense – such as “Someone invited me to be a prostitute, what should I do?” or another that says, “I’ve been in 42 relationships.”

Once you have seen one of these statuses it is advised you do not comment or like unless you wish to play the ‘Facebook Status Game’ and if you do wish to play then you will receive the game details on how to play. In a nutshell you will be asked to post one of the messages (Shown Below) on your Facebook wall and then you have to refuse to explain it to your friends.

Here are the messages:

1. I’ve been in 42 relationships
2. I think I like someone, what should I do?
3. My mom arranged me for a blind date
4. Someone invited me to be a prostitute, what should I do?
5. I forgotten to wear my underwear today
6. I am gonna confess, support me
7. I still love my ex
8. I just got me some good good
9. I think I’m going gay
10. I’m pregnant
11. I want another baby

If you play expect to do some explaining to your loving partner, please do let us know if you have fallen victim to this Facebook status game?

There is another Facebook game called “What Would I Say?” have you seen this one pop up on your wall?

If a Facebook users gives the “What Would I Say?” access to their Facebook account users will get to see two buttons, one is a blue button that says “Post To Facebook” and the other is an orange button saying “Generate Status.”

If you click on the orange button it will create a Facebook status message based on all your previous statuses, this is very funny actually because it creates some weird sentences, and in some cases a status that makes no sense at all. Trust us when we say you will get some serious comments coming back from your friends.

Have you played either of the Facebook Status games?