iGoogle officially shutdown, RIP and alternative roundup

iGoogle officially shutdown, RIP and alternative roundup

It has come to that time when we all walk in silence as we say farewell and RIP iGoogle, today iGoogle is officially shutdown and you have no other choice but to use alternatives.

If you visit here www.google.com/ig now you will automatically be taken to Google’s search page.

Back in 2005 iGoogle was classed as a stable release, now in 2013 Friday November 1st we can now say it does not come under the stable or unstable category because it no longer exists.

I am for one very unhappy about iGoogle shutting down, they say it was not being used as much but hey I was using it like a few other million were. Google had its reasons, which we will never understand – for now please do join me over on my Google+.

Here are a few alternatives you may like plus a few other iGoogle articles, just click on the relevant link – Shutdown and Trusting / Symbaloo and Myfav.es / Firefox, Mac, Chrome Replacements / MyYahoo / Other Alternatives.

What are your views on iGoogle not existing anymore?

  • Steph Fulton David

    I’m glad I’m not the only one mourning this loss today. Our family used iGoogle every single day, and is sad to see it go.

  • Tom

    Give a try to http://www.iloggo. Con

  • I.P.Knightly

    Google became BIG on the patronage of it’s users like those that used iGoogle. Seems now that Google is big and famous, and not only relies on it’s search engine, they have turned their backs on the people that made them famous. To discontinue a “home page”, which requires little or no maintenance, is penny pinching and says a lot about Google management. It seems the bean counters aren’t able to put a price on customer/user loyalty. People have long memories. Shame on you Google, Karma will reap its revenge.

  • Steve Sprinz

    Google management are idiots. To lose 15 million of the faithful for no good reason. Hello igHome, I wish you success.