GTA V official Facebook shares Timeline covers

GTA V official Facebook shares Timeline covers

Rockstar Games have shared two new GTA V official artwork pieces, and these include Chop on Guard and Franklin.

The GTA V artwork pieces are great and show Chop standing guard and Franklin with his heavy sniper rifle. You can download many different sizes of the artworks but the ones we like the most are the ones you can have as your Facebook timeline covers shown here.

Its lovely to see that the GTA V official Facebook page shares new Timeline covers for your perusal, take a look at the artwork releases in this article – look great don’t they?

Chop the trainable Rottweiler below would look brilliant on any GTA fans Facebook timeline, and above you can see Franklin on the FIB Headquarters holding his Heavy Sniper Rifle that fires 6-armor piercing rounds, the rifle also has a laser scope.

Both of these can be downloaded now, if you would like any of these as your Facebook Timeline Cover then please click on the relevant link – Chop the Dog / Franklin Sniper.

If you visit the Rockstar Games Facebook page here one comment stuck out from the rest. The question was “Where’s the 500k you’re supposed to be giving out?” So far this comment has had 40 replies – if you know the answer to this then please do answer.

Will you be downloading either of the new GTA V Facebook Timeline covers?