iGoogle countdown to shutdown and trusting alternatives

The iGoogle countdown to shutdown has begun, with only four days to go before Google decide to shut the doors on the start up page for good.

iGoogle countdown to shutdown and trusting alternatives

In 2005 Google launched what we all know as iGoogle, and we like a millions of others love the Google homepage and cannot understand why they are closing it down. Ok, they say it is not as popular as they thought it would be because of modern apps running on popular platforms such as Android and Chrome, and yet again like others we disagree with them closing the doors on something that works very well for millions of users.

iGoogle is a brilliant start up page where users can personlize their homepage, users could add different gadgets so that their homepages were useful. We do not need to go on about what iGoogle is because we all know exactly what it is, the worry about Google shutting it down on November 1st has many iGoogle users worried, and about trusting alternatives.

Many iGoogle users are a little worried about trying out alternatives because of trust, they do not know these other names as much as they know iGoogle. This question still pops up all the time though – I am an iGoogle user and if it is shutting down what am I supposed to use now?

It seems no matter how many people hate the idea of iGoogle closing, it will NOT change Google’s mind on keeping it going – its closing down and that’s that.

The iGoogle shutdown is on November 1, 2021 (Just 4 days time), petitions to save iGoogle has not worked, the users dismay and millions of comments have not worked, so you will have to find an alternative. We have mentioned a few so far, and these include Symbaloo, Myfav.es, you could also try out igHome or StartMe, there are other iGoogle alternatives for Firefox, Mac and Chrome here.

Other iGoogle alternatives include: My MSN, Protopage, Netvibes and Startific.

We can all feel a little frustrated that Google is closing the doors on iGoogle, but we have to just move on because they will not be changing their mind. The iGoogle alternatives above are all reliable and we have heard that you can trust them.

Many iGoogle users are upset because they feel that they are now going to be force-fed Google’s apps, one commenter said, “What ever happened to the customer is always right?”

Are you unhappy about the iGoogle shutdown?

  • Leslie GrubStreetNM

    I have a longtime fan of Google and its products. This shutdown, and the one that preceded it (the RSS feed) have taught me that Google is a very different company these days, that its products are not dependable for the long run and I now avoid all Google products whenever and wherever possible. Somebody has wrecked that company

  • Nutmeg00

    Not happy with Google at all!! Loved I Google, hate chrome. I agree someone has changed Google it is now the worst browser on the web.

  • blancheknott

    I switched to ighome, becuz it accepts Hamster. Of the alternatives, it seems the best.

  • Hlafordlaes đe Liurning Cnicht

    Got to hand it to Google with their need to nix things that work
    in favor of whatever the next “vision-thingy” is they wish to foist on
    us. My beloved iGoogle companion, home page for years, with extra tabs
    dedicated to science and tech, is now leaving for a home in virtual
    heaven, leaving me behind in real “h-e-double chopsticks,” as good old
    Mom used to say.

    First, over massive objections, they switched from the tabbed interface
    to a button thingy, all to allow introduction of Google Chat, which no
    one wanted on the front page, or really anywhere. Ditto for Buzz. Now to
    force Google+ and an even more Google-service intense default home
    page, iGoogle must die altogether. And in Chrome, they keep pushing me
    to go for a Windows 8 look-alike funny page for home. Gee, thanks for
    all that, guys!

    At this rate, the only thing I’ll be able to choose after my next
    eyesight exam will be the different frame colors, black or black, for my
    now-mandatory Google Glasses.

  • Jake

    No this totally sucks!

  • chrixian

    I still haven’t recovered from Reader going away, it’s gonna be weird not having iGoggle as my homepage for the first time in 6+ years

  • Ashok

    Next in-line is Orkut?

  • gogler

    what even is igoogle?

  • carmenchanceuse@gmail,com

    I sure am

  • jd

    I’m with all of you guys: I can’t imagine not having the iGoogle page, and I kept putting off finding an alternative because I figured the backlash would change googles mind. I don’t like the app page on chrome. I like being able to see my inbox, twitter, weather, and other junk at a glance without having to click anything extra!

  • Vanya Levy

    iGoogle is awesome - not sure what their strategy is by shutting it down, I’m very dissapointed.

  • http://crap.forumotion.co.uk/ Frank Spiers

    Hate to see iGoogle go, tried most of the other alternatives but sadly they are just too cluttered and not as clean as iGoogle…

    Everything now is being directed towards mobile devices and all those ruddy annoying “apps”. Millions of home computer users are being left out the cold by companies like Google now as they cater more and more for ruddy mobile devices only (something I don’t own and never will)…

    Won’t be too long now before I say goodbye to the internet forever as it gets worse and worse every few months with everything being changed to suit poxy mobile devices at the expense of home computers which apparently are just not “trendy” enough for todays “mobile” generation and all their wittle brain dead apps…

    Strange (and sad) how internet companies like Google are actually killing the internet… :-/

  • Gumby65

    Next startup page? Plain white. It’s an option anyway.

  • SC79

    Please spell check your work. Although the content is nice, it’s painful to read something like “petitions to save iGoogle has not worked.”

  • Bill

    I tried ighome but didn’t like it. It didn’t update properly. Just moved to My Yahoo and it’s great. Perfect. Exactly like igoogle and it’s easy to upload your igoogle page.

  • Luz Helena Brzozowski

    I am very sad because iGoogle is perfect and I know I will have to settle for second best if there is one. Thank you for the wonderful inspiring, informative, the great ideas I got after reading the so many pages and you were always there when I wanted you. Good bye, with the hope to see you again, I wipe my tears now, I have hope.

  • Miranda Gahrman

    I am using startme right now and it is perfect as igoogle replacement. Thanks to the developers of startme for providing such a great alternate of igoogle.