Facebook likes and Drinks4You boosting loyal customers

The UK drinks trade will get a massive marketing boost this week with the release of two innovative new products designed to help brands and bars convert Facebook likes in to loyal customers, increased revenue and better footfall.

Harnessing the power of social media in exciting new ways, Drinks4-You’s pairing of high performance new products is driven by cutting-edge mobile and cloud technology. Created specifically for the drinks trade, the brand has developed a passbook card service backed with extensive marketing campaign tools and a fully functional mobile payment solution.

At the cornerstone of Drinks4-You’s new product launch is a loyalty card concept. The service helps bars to create a unique digital mobile loyalty card using the Drinks4-you marketing campaign tool. The cards are fully branded with each outlet’s own colours, logo and images. The card helps managers to put their bar on the map so when customer’s check-in via Facebook or are near the venue’s location, they are served with a reminder of offers and promotions.

Customers liking the bar’s Facebook page can download the loyalty card immediately, converting social connections into customers. A full reporting suite means all downloads can be tracked and monitored. The number of check ins can also be monitored at a user level with Facebook demographic info showing who is the most loyal, for targeted rewards.

The Drinks4-You solution is packed with benefits for venues and brands. It uses digital cards to remove the burden and cost of producing plastic or paper versions. Each location can personalise their card with custom graphics, images and designs. The card itself helps venues to track loyal customers either in the bar or utilising the brand, allowing for up selling of other products and services to the client.

As the card is electronic and sits on the user’s smartphone, it can be dynamically updated in real time to push up-to-date messages, promotions and offers as they are launched. The integrated locations services offer a powerful way to push specific information to the card, opening up a plethora of geographic marketing opportunities.

Packed with useful features, other options include a message engine to allow email and Facebook message communication with users and additional services links to showcase agreements with local taxi companies, nearby restaurants or similar.

The Drinks4-You passbooks can be used on any mobile platform with no extra technology buy-in needed by the bar or brand. On the user end, the passbook offers a speedy, safe and secure mobile payment solution which is supported by all major platforms including Apple Passbook, Android and Samsung Wallet.

A number of upcoming innovations planned for Drinks4-You passbooks include gift cards, iBeacon support, Google+ and Twitter integration and extended digital wallet payment acceptance functionality. From now until Christmas, brands and bars can enjoy a fully serviced option at no cost. The Drinks4-You team will create the card and provide a report demonstrating the value added in the run up to the festive period.

To find out more and sign up, visit drinks4-you.com

Facebook likes and Drinks4You boosting loyal customers