iGoogle homepage replacement with icons: Symbaloo, myfav.es

The iGoogle shutdown date is November 1st and many users are very unhappy about the closure, which has left them looking for alternatives.

We promised we would keep you up-to-date and provide you with many alternatives so that you can choose your perfect iGoogle homepage replacement. Today we would like to share with you two new ones that uses icons called Symbaloo and myfav.es.

We have already shared with you the likes of StartMe and igHome, and then we showed you other alternatives that will work well with Firefox, Mac and Chrome. We also mentioned last week the alternative that allows users to import iGoogle settings into MyYahoo.

Here are our other two iGoogle alternatives, the difference with these ones is that they show icons on your homepage and we love these.

Symbaloo is a start page we really like, it is a little different to what we have showed you already, this one is basically a logo-based start page that looks really good, simple but with a twist. Symbaloo’s main features include: free registration to save personalized settings, social media integration, users can add RSS, the ability to add content directly from browser, the toolbar button supports Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

The only downside to Symbaloo is that you cannot import/export feeds; I love symbaloo and finding it very hard to decide if I should use Symbaloo or igHome. Anyway, for more information about Symbaloo please visit the website here.

Next up is myfav.es, and no it is not My Faves. This iGoogle replacement is very simple and uses many icons on your startpage; this one offers total homepage personalization. The ability to add cool icons to popular websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, your favourite news sites etc is all possible.

Another good thing about myfav.es is that you can design your own layout, give it myfav.es a go now and see what you think. It is as simple as 123 - 1) Pick you sites 2) Customize your page 3) Make it yours.

What are your views on the iGoogle shutdown?

iGoogle homepage replacement with icons- Symbaloo, myfav.es

iGoogle homepage replacement with icons- Symbaloo, myfav.es pic 2

  • CeeBee52

    Typical of Google to fix what isn’t broken and leave loyalists floundering. iGoogle is great. Sad loss.

  • unhappy

    bummed… igoogle is my one stop shop, from there i get to everything i need to get to on the web… protopage offers a similar option. i’d be interested in knowing what the cost of maintaining this is/was.