iGoogle shutdown: replacement in Firefox, Mac and Chrome

iGoogle shutdown: replacement in Firefox, Mac and Chrome

iGoogle is a very good start page and many desktop and laptops have this set up when they open there browsers, but as we all know this will all end on November 1st and as promised we will bring you alternatives until iGoogle closes its doors for good.

We promised before the iGoogle shutdown commences we will bring you alternatives, and today we have three replacements that will work well with Firefox, Mac and Chrome.

It is a pain to lose iGoogle but there is no need to panic because there are many alternatives so that you can keep what you already have on your start page.

First up is NetVibes, we have found this to work very well indeed using Firefox, and this one allows you to create your own desktop on your browser. We actually prefer this on Firefox rather than any other browser because it is smoother, main features with NetVibes includes multiple dashboards, well over 200,000 applications are available to add to dashboards and mobile access is available.

NetVibes allows users to create multiple tabs, which means they can categorize their various surfaces, this has many of the iGoogle functions and more. Try it out here and create your perfect start page.


Next up is Startific and this works well with most browsers, there are a lot of iGoogle alternatives out there but some do not work on all Internet browsers. However, Startific works very well on the Mac using Safari, it also works well using Firefox as well but we thought we would give you options.

This iGoogle alternative provides you with bookmarks that look like icons, which can be added on the front page. Git to say that out of all the alternatives this one looks the best, it features icons, widgets, social networking with ease and a reader-style bookmark list and so much more. This works in any browser, so if you have come across any iGoogle replacements and tried them on the Mac using Safari and had problems maybe you should choose the great looking Startific.

Last but not least for today is ‘Incredible StartPage for Chrome’, as we all know Chrome apps are plugins and these can be used in the Google Chrome Browser. Main features include the ability to create many notepads, an overview of pages you have recently visited, it does have a lot to offer but it does come with a few flaws.


Incredible Home Page does not provide real time information in the same way as say Netvibes, this does not matter if you only want to use it to access an effective management of your bookmarks and to take notes. It also lacks social functions such as Facebook, Twitter etc, and cannot handle RSS feeds.

  • Mrs. M

    Symbaloo is also an excellent site for visual bookmarking.

  • Amy

    Try startme you can easily import your all bookmarks and rss feeds.

  • Thomas Paull

    Startific looks really really nice, thank you for the suggestions.


    STARIFIC SUX. It’s convoluted, won’t remember passwords and keeps popping up ADS…

    Screw that!

    • Terry P

      You are the first person who haven’t seen a web ad in his life. I opened it for curiosity and saw it have a little widget on the right of the screen. I think that’s pretty good for a free app really.
      PS. the way you explain yourself is a total fail, congrats man for your douchiness level 9000 :)

  • dapper

    Trying to figure this out is worse than trying to get on Obama care.