iGoogle homepage alternatives, StartMe and igHome

iGoogle homepage alternatives, StartMe and igHome

Until November 1, 2013, which is the day over 15 million users will lose iGoogle, we will find you alternatives.

Not long to go now and iGoogle users will not be able to open their homepage, but you do not need to worry because we are here to find you some alternatives so you can still enjoy what is on your iGoogle homepage.

Google believes that there is no need for iGoogle, which we of course cannot believe considering over 15 million users are still happily using this as their homepages on their computers and laptops etc. Eroded over time is what Google stated and this is why the iGoogle shutdown will happen on November 1st.

iGoogle users are angry and cannot understand why, not to worry though OSM readers because we have two new alternatives for you.

STARTME and igHome allow users to export their iGoogle homepage with ease by just following a few easy to follow steps. Migrating is easy thanks to the export/import options that are available, there are many website alternatives that are very hard to follow, but StartMe and igHome are very easy to use.

If we had to choose one of the above we would have to say igHome as this offers more than iGoogle, STARTME is a modern start-page. Migrate iGoogle to an alternative now or you will have to create a new homepage, which will be time consuming. You can read our ‘My Yahoo’ alternative here.

  • Bruce

    iGoogle will be sunset on November 1, 2013, not November 17.

  • donjones

    Google first attracted me because of their “Do No Evil” motto. However now they are full speed to feed their voracious appetite for income, to the detriment of their loyal users. IGoogle is a perfect example. This move is to help their Chrome and in other areas. They still have me but I am anxious for a substitute to Bing and others. So I still hang with Google for search but my attitude is much different now.

  • bill

    i just switched to ighome. It took about five minutes to make the change. As far as I can tell, it’s identical to igoogle.

  • Trisha Samseli

    I love igoogle but it is what it is. ighome it is. Don’t like it as much. :(

  • Jean

    IGHOME is like igoogle?

  • ira

    Can ighome be used on an android tablet? Sounds like crazy question but just tried to use it and could not log in

  • Andre Zottolo

    So after reading a slew of convoluted articles about iGoogle alternatives and suggestions, I decided to give Google+ Communities a try simply because I’m not one to be force fed information that I don’t care about into my homepage. So far I like it…It’s different, and even not close to an alternative, but there doesn’t seem to be any other option that supports the power of Google. I’m hoping Google itself will roll out a new better version of iGoogle. But I remain disappointed that iGoogle is shutting down. Furthermore, I’m frustrated that Google doesn’t give much more reason other than “It’s out of date” or to be force fed their Apps. I don’t want to see a bunch of pretty little icons, I want to see information at hand from different sources on a frontpage.

    • Dana

      They think we’re all going to go to Android-style or Win 8-style touchscreens. They’re so funny, too.

  • Bill

    I take it back. igHome isn’t nearly as good as igoogle. Sorry. It doesn’t update nearly as well. I’m still looking for that great alternative.

  • jlane

    It breaks my heart that you would discontinue something that millions loves and still use. These alternatives suck.

  • mr .w

    how safe is ighome as we all like and trust igoogle

  • netvibes

    netvibes works for me.