Google Plus hangout on Government shutdown impact

The Government shutdown has had a real impact on the economy, and the video you can watch below shows many Google Plus users talking in a hangout discussing the full economic impact.

The video below comes via NBC Washington and was moderated by News4 investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane as well as editorial manager for digital at NBC Washington Wendy Warren.

As the Government shutdown ends some have said that it should reopen, but we will talk about this in another news article. Lets concentrate on the Google Plus Hangout discussing the Government Shutdown 2013, we all know that federal workers are returning back to work across the country and it is well worth visiting here for the full details.

The Google Plus Hangout included policy analyst for Progress 2050 at the Center for American Progress Farah Ahmad, and Joann Weiner was in the hangout that focuses on demographic changes in the United States as well as teaching economics at the George Washington University.

Please watch the Google Plus Hangout discussing “Government Shutdown: What’s the Full Economic Impact?”

Have you got anything to say about the Government Shutdown?

Google Plus hangout on Government shutdown impact