iGoogle alternative, import settings to My Yahoo

iGoogle is closings its doors to the general public on November 1, 2021 and we will give you a few iGoogle alternatives over the next month.

Did you know that you can now import all your iGoogle settings into ‘My Yahoo’, this means you can set up your own columns, you can keep all your gadgets, choose your theme etc.

To import your iGoogle settings to My Yahoo you will need to visit here and follow the on-screen instructions. When you visit this page it will ask you to click on a link to sign in to iGoogle, this will then take you to your iGoogle settings page.

Once you have done the above you will need to export your iGoogle settings to a computer, once this has been done simply upload the file that was save to you computer (iGoogle-settings.xml) – you will be asked to sign into Yahoo.

We done all the above but when we tried to sign-in using Google it came up with an error saying “Sorry, there was an error. Please sign in again with the same account or a different one.” Please do let us know if the above works for you, we have asked a few of our friends and they said they imported all their iGoogle settings to My Yahoo with ease.

Will you be importing your iGoogle settings over to My Yahoo?
You only have until November 17th to decide what you want to do.

iGoogle alternative, import settings to My Yahoo

  • blancheknott

    No No NO!!! “MyYahoo” is no good! I transferred everything but didn’t recover 9/10 of the stuff! Specifically, My Yahoo won’t accept: Lab Pixies; ToDo List [beyond one page], Quotes4all, any quote of the day, et al. My Yahoo won’t accept anything unique or creative. Which is why we all hate it & love igoogle.

  • jamesginn

    Yahoo wouldn’t accept anything.

  • Steve Hoge

    When I try and upload the .xml file I saved from iGoogle Yahoo gave the error message:

    “There was an error uploading your file. Please try again or upload a different file”

    with no other diagnostics about what might be wrong. When I look at the file it looks fine and passes XML verification tests. Yahoo had a perfect opportunity to suck up all these iGoogle users and they’re blowing it.