Game of Thrones parody goes viral on YouTube

We all love great ideas, especially when you turn a TV show or a movie into a parody, it was only a few days ago the Carrie coffee shop prank went viral. But, there is something even more special when you grab something already famous and change the soundtrack to make it hilarious.

Game of Thrones parody goes viral on YouTube

We think class comedy sensations ‘Bad Lip Reading’ are legends, and so they are in their own right. They have taken the fantastic ‘Game of Thrones’ and love that they have added lip-syncing to this to make it look like they are running a theme park.

Love the fact that Tyrion Lannister is the funny one here, watching the video below with Sean Bean saying a few out of character things is so funny.

The video below titled ‘Medieval land fun-time word, extended version – A bad lip reading of Game of Thrones’ has reached 3,905,500 is just two days.

It would be good if there was a real Game of Thrones theme park, would you go to it? Please watch the YouTube viral video below; you will love it we are sure. Please let us know what part you think is the funniest?