Pinterest referral traffic statistics raise profile

Pinterest referral traffic statistics raise profile

Google Plus seems to be one of those social networking sites people have not got to grips with just yet, it is doing very well indeed but sites such as Pinterest is getting more referral traffic to publisher sites than Google Plus.

A report carried out by Shareaholic is based on 13 months of data; the data was collected via 200,000 publishers that grab over 250 million unique monthly visitors.

Google Plus does not seem to drive more than one-tenth of a percent of all referral traffic to its publishers based over one year, the growth from September 2012 to Sept 2013 has only seen a grown of 6.97%, but only 0.4% shares of visits in the same month and on a 13-month average of only 0.6%.

If you take the above into account and look at the Pinterest referral traffic statistics there is a massive difference, Pinterest traffic stats showed 3.68% referrals to publishers in September, with an overall 13-month average of 3.24% and the growth from Sept 12 to 2013 hit 66.52%.

Facebook was the highest with Pinterest traffic statistics coming in a respectable second place; it drove more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit.

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