iGoogle closing countdown and replacement alternatives

iGoogle closing countdown and replacement alternatives

iGoogle will be shutting down in just 17 days on November 1, 2013. I have already been getting emails from readers asking if I have any alternative place set up so they do not loose my stuff.

Google stated that there are many modern applications that run on platforms such as Android and Chrome, so the need for iGoogle is now longer needed. It has basically eroded over time and that is why iGoogle will no longer be available after the date given above.

We have been asked so many times if there are any iGoogle replacement alternatives, we can name a few like Symbaloo, NetVibes and igHome but we recommend you visiting here for the full list.

If you wish to save your iGoogle homepage settings you need to export them to an XML file, to do this just click on the settings option gear and then iGoogle settings, then at the bottom just click on ‘Export’ next to where it shows ‘Export iGoogle settings to your computer’.

There have been a few rumors that a desktop version of and Android operating system Google Now that will replace iGoogle, time will tell.

We all love social networking to stay in touch with friends, family and of course other websites reporting the news, products etc. iGoogle was a place where you could store everything for everyone to see.

Are you using an iGoogle alternative already, and are you going to miss iGoogle?

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