Google Plus photos makes organizing a breeze

Google Plus is a growing phenomenon and I started using it from the get go when it was invite only, I have seen so many changes and new features since it started.

One of the features that is so much easier to use and pro-active is photos, do not get me wrong I use other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc but for some reason I just like the whole feel of using Google Plus.

Google keeps moving forward to make it an easy-to-use social network place, photos are one of the main factors of Google Plus, and it does not matter if you are sharing a news piece or any type of information we all add a photo to go with it.

Adding photos to Google Plus is great for business and personal, and if you share your info to public the information and photo will be added to Google’s main search as well as the photo making in onto Google Images. So it makes perfect sense for Google to give us many more options when it comes to adding photos to the network.

You can add pictures, delete them, make new albums, change titles, crop them, enhance and so much more. You can even download an album in a zip file for storage outside of Google Plus, just click the more button and download away to your PC - For more information please read here.

Organizing your photos in Google Plus is a breeze now, and the many options makes life so much easier. What do you like most of all about Google Plus Photos?

Google Plus photos makes organizing a breeze

  • Marc_Razia

    I enjoy Google+, and most of the photo organization is fantastic. That is, unless you have a large amount of albums in which case its terrible.

    There is no way to search for albums, nor tag them, nor organize them in any order other than date or title. If you have 10 years of photos represented across a few hundred albums, finding an album from a couple years ago is simply a nightmare. There currently is no way to do it without scrolling and scrolling. Not fun.

    Now Google+ photos auto backup is an incredible feature. But try organizing those photos into any existing albums and you are again stuck having to scroll. And in its current state, you then also have to go back and delete those photos by reelecting them in auto backup.

    I am sure at some point Google will fix these issues, but in its current state calling organization a breeze is inaccurate. Some parts are indeed a breeze, but other parts are downright awful.