Women’s programming verticals see high Pinterest referrals

Women’s programming verticals see high Pinterest referrals

According to the latest study, Women’s programming verticals see high Pinterest referrals such as ‘home and garden’, ‘health and wellness’, ‘style’, as well as ‘food and recipes’. Even though Facebook drives more traffic it is Pinterest that dominates social referrals.

The study carried out by Yieldbot, which has both publisher analytics platform and ad server seeing over 1.5-billion page views per month. They look at things such as social referral traffic on the advertising performance of women’s sites, we all know that Pinterest sends a lot of traffic but those visitors do not click on ads as much as they do as Facebook referrals.

If you look at the screenshot below it explains the Yieldbot monthly page views index by original referrer source, In January Pinterest was among the top social networks referring traffic to women’s sites, which was at 94.6% and this has risen month-on-month. Facebook in January was only 3.4%, please take a look at below.

The ad CTR (click-through rate) index sees Pinterest at 63 in January, back in July it was at 55. Facebook outperforms all the other social network sites with a massive difference; take a look at stats below.

AdAge reported that 66 percent of advertising (Digital) is sold on a CPC or some other sort of based metric according to the IAB, and only 32 percent is sold on an impression basis.

Marketing Land asked a good question, please do answer in the comments if you can - Is Pinterest the revenue-driving dud it appears to be?

Yieldbot CEO Jonathan Mendez quoted to Marketing Land after they asked - What’s a publisher whose site is primarily monetized by ad clicks to do? The reply was “From a volume perspective yes, orders of magnitude more clicks are from Pinterest than Facebook.”

When it comes to volume Pinterest wins, but Facebook are the victors when it comes to Facebook referrals with a higher concentration of performance according to the source above.