Facebook, Twitter unblocked in China free-trade zone

Facebook, Twitter unblocked in China free-trade zone

The latest news reports that China may unblock Facebook and Twitter in China trade zone, back in 2009 both these social networking sites were blocked by Beijing after the deadly riots in Xinjiang.

The South China Morning Post reported yesterday that China might calm down some of the rigorous censorship laws in some parts of Shanghai, Hong Kong. Some websites were considered to be politically sensitive by the Chinese government, and these included Facebook and Twitter, even the popular newspaper ‘The New York Times’ was blocked.

This is great news to learn that Facebook and Twitter are to be unblocked in a free-trade zone of the city; one official that was not named said this is a good move to make foreigners feel at home.

The government apparently blamed the 2009 riot on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, if any website deems politically sensitive or inappropriate the Chinese government will censor the internet and block access.

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said that the country has 460 million mobile web users, and over than 591 million Internet users. The two popular social networking sites and the New York Times should be unblocked by the end of this month.

Other reports suggests the government will invite bids from foreign telecoms firms, this is so that they can bid for licences to provide internet services in the zone. Jim Killock, director of the Open Rights Group said in a statement “Small steps forward in China may be good news, but what is really important is that US web companies do not co-operate with any Chinese government requests.”

Please let us know what your views are on Facebook and Twitter being unblocked in China free-trade zone?