LinkedIn Promoted Jobs land in main streams

LinkedIn has started to add, “promoted jobs” into users main streams; this is definitely one way to boost its revenue.

LinkedIn Promoted Jobs land in main streams

This means when you open your LinkedIn homepage you will see streams of promoted jobs show up, we know this social media site is more for the professionals and for those looking or advertising jobs. It makes sense in a way because it will be there on the homepage rather than looking elsewhere within LinkedIn.

When in Facebook and Twitter you get a lot of content showing up all the time, this new native ad setup is basically the same as Facebook’s mobile app install ads, and Twitter’s promoted tweets. Making money is all about promotion and showing the user more jobs as soon as they open the homepage.

Ads are the only way to make serious money, but LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and for employers/recruiters to place their open positions n front of those looking for jobs will help somewhat. These promoted jobs will also be reached on mobile device main streams, job seekers on LinkedIn normally go to view open positions.

Content that looks like content but contains ads, very clever and effective. At the moment, most of the LinkedIn revenue earned is via paid recruiting products, so to boost this type of ad revenue will be great for them.

Please do let us know if you think ‘LinkedIn promoted jobs’ added to users main streams is a good idea or not? Whilst on the subject of LinkedIn, it might be in your best interest to read about the email hack.