Google Plus power for businesses, websites is valuable

Google Plus (G+) is not being approached as much as it should be by businesses and websites, It seems they are forgetting the true power and potential of what Google Plus can offer and how valuable it is to set up an account to boost more authority on the social network to gain more exposure.

OSM believes that Google Plus has more to offer than any other social network out there combined, it comes second to Facebook in terms of how many accounts have been activated but we believe the power of Google Plus will overtake within time. The majority believe in the Facebook has more users so it will be more effective to use rather than G+, but if you do deem this to be true then you are very much mistaken.

G+ was late to the market when it comes to establishing a social network, and if you have not set up a page being it business or personal then you really should do so right now. I have a few profiles set up, but my main one under my name of Mark Chubb has a good following of 33,266 but it is a must setting up a business one as well just like our OSM one here.

Google Plus is more valuable because of the positioning of search and social and this is what Google has set in place, each time you post new content to Google Plus it will show up in the Google search results. In a nutshell it is all about authorship and establishing a lead in the social network as well as ranking for it at the same time. Facebook allows you to generate awareness’ but nothing like Google Plus offers, and to be frank we believe Google Plus will be the hottest social network place to be and if you are not on it then you really need to do so right now.

Sharing content online with Google Plus not only brings awareness and gains you more followers by adding you to their Circles; it also ranks you more within time in the search engines. Sharing is easy, content is king and being informative is the right way to go when it comes to online social sites. Social and search is in our eyes perfection and Google offers this, do not get us wrong; Facebook is still very powerful but we feel Google Plus is not being thought of as much as it should be.

You have to remember that all content added to Google Plus gets indexed on Google’s database, which means more exposure as well as a unique URL.

If you have not yet set-up a Google Plus (G+) profile get on it right now, at first gaining followers will be hard but once established and updated on a daily basis by engaging you will see the number of followers climb at a fast rate.

Google Plus power for businesses, websites is valuable