Fox Sports delights Facebook fans

Fox Sports and Facebook have joined forces for a six-month period to offer social chitchat and Facebook data to live college football, NFL games and soccer broadcasts. This new partnership was announced yesterday and we can see this being very good for real-time Facebook data streams for live broadcasts.

This is most certainly a good relationship where Fox Sports delights Facebook fans, the offering of real-time analysis, Facebook poll viewers as well as field viewer questions is a great start at the early part of the relationship, but best of all is real-time user conversations.

No fees are changing hands between Facebook and Fox Sports, this is solely content-related only and information based.

Social networks is massive as so is sports, so combining the two is a match made in heaven. It is all about engaging the fans and bringing a new height to the viewing experience and the ability to integrate the voices of the fans into their broadcasts.

Facebook is stepping up to keep users happy, not so long ago they announced verified accounts and searchable hashtags to generate better real-time engagement.

Over 60-million interactions occurred by Facebook users over the NFL opening weekend, so it make sense to combine Facebook and Fox Sports for fans to interact more.

Facebook data will also be used by Fox Sports to build graphs, charts, maps etc during live-broadcasts.

What do you think about the Facebook and Fox Sports partnership?

Source - Mashable