Costa Concordia upright, BBC video time-lapsed

Costa Concordia upright, BBC video time-lapsed

Over on YouTube we have noticed that the Costa Concordia time-lapse video is becoming highly watched, the cruise liner that capsized just off Giglio Island in Italy shocked the world and last week saw the largest salvage operation of all time in maritime history.

The salvage of Costa Concordia has cost an estimated $800m (600m Euros) so far with more to be spent until completion.

When the Costa Concordia overturned 20 months ago 32 people lost their lives, after all this time the cruise ship is now upright and the time-lapsed video below shows how this was achieved.

Metal water tanks and cables were used to roll the ship over to the upright position, there were two victims of this tragedy that were never found but there was hope when the ship recovery was completed. We have not heard of the bodies being recovered yet, the ship is being moved away from the island of Giglio.

The video below is being watched by many, so please do click the play button and see the Costa Concordia recovery time-lapse video. There are still many more months of work to be done such repairing damage to the ship so that it is safe enough to tow away, which will then be destroyed.

Please do read the full Costa Concordia salvage operation as it happened via the Telegraph.