Alison Pill photo on Twitter still highly searched

After one year people are still highly searching for the Alison Pill nude picture that went live last year on Twitter, but this picture has been removed from the social networking site as well as Pill deleting her account.

Last week Alison Pill explained a little about the nude photo being tweeted live to her followers with Conan O’Brien, she explained that she did not realize her BlackBerry device had a touchscreen and the photo that was stored on her device was accidently posted on Twitter when she responded to a Twitter fan.

27 year old Newsroom star Alison Pill did not realise her topless pic went live for the whole world to see, the photo showed her laying in bed with big glasses on and nothing else. The picture was apparently on her phone when she was away from ex-fiance Jay Baruchel; guess it was meant for him.

The star was apparently still embarrassed after three months of posting it to Twitter, we here at OSM will not post the picture here because we do not want to embarrass Pill anymore than she already is, but you can see it over on the Daily Mail website.

Do you remember the Alison Pill nude photo?