Decision time for kids using social media networks

One of the hardest things for parents when it comes to social networking is “When is it right for them to start using?” this is one question that arises with many parents. Using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Instagram, or Pinterest etc is very good indeed but there are also worries for mum, dads and guardians.

Social networking plays a massive part in our daily lives for both work and personal use, and accessing is even more easier than ever before thanks to smartphones and tablets, and we all know most kids nowadays has some sort of device that allows them to use the internet.

Facebook only allows users to be 13 and over, but we all know there are a lot of kids under the age of 13 putting in false birth dates so they can start using. Age requirements on social media networks mean nothing at all in this day and age because there is always a way around things.

Are you a parent/guardian having problems deciding if your kids should join a social network?

As we all know there is always a good and bad in most things, on the plus side it is great to allow your kids to use social networks such as Facebook because it allows trust in a relationship. Your child can stay in touch for free, which keeps mobile phone costs down to a minimum, they can even stay in touch with you as well.

TELL you kids that they have to add you as a friend, that way you can keep an eye on what goes on. Technology is a way of life and social networking is growing so fast and becoming an everyday lifestyle, let them connect and enjoy sharing with friends and family, as long as you are listed as one of their friends etc you can see what is going on. Have a little trust in your relationship because this will build a bridge for the future whilst they are growing up.

As we said above, there is always a good and bad in everything, and when it comes to the BAD we must always make sure our child stays safe at all times. Internet bullying is well known, but the good thing about most social networks kids can allow who they want to be linked with them. If your child has not sent them a friend’s request or any sort of request to join them on their network then they should not get bullied online by some little idiot trying to be the dominant one. If your child does add someone and they do not like all they need to do is delete them.

No one knows whom the other person at the other end of the computer, they could add someone thinking they are someone nice and they chat for many weeks building up a friendly relationship only to learn that the person is someone completely different. This is a major worry so only allow them to add friends or family they KNOW.

Let you child know that you want full access to their social networks with their username and passwords, this way they will be protected and they know that you care. Some kids will say this is a breach of their privacy, but in our eyes as long as they are living under your roof rules must be laid.

The Internet is a great place to be for learning, but it also a bad place to be if you do not know whom they are chatting too.

In a nutshell
If you do decide it is time for your child to have a social network let them KNOW you want to monitor their activities online.

Decision time for kids using social media networks