Annoying Facebook game ads in news feed

Every day when we go onto Facebook we get annoying game requests from friends, one of the most annoying has to be blooming Candy Crush. If you think that is bad think again, you might start to see Facebook notifications of game ads in your news feed soon.

Facebook are in the middle of testing a new program that suggests games for you to play in your news feed and notifications, we are not great lovers of intrusive ads or game requests but there is hope that if this does happen you may be out of danger.

The annoying game requests will be based on what your existing game play is like, so this means in a nutshell that if you play a certain type of Facebook game on a regular basis, the add will only show/notify you of a similar game.

The good thing about the new program is that if you do not play games you will not see any ads. So having Facebook game ads are not so bad as long as you do not play games.

It is about time Facebook allowed its users to turn off annoying ads, sponsored ads, but then we know they will start charging to use the social network, no ads no money for Mark Zuckerberg and his team.

Facebook earns a lot of money via ads, and they will try and get as much revenue as they can, can they find the perfect combination as not to annoy its users?

Annoying ads in our notifications tab is the most annoying thing we dislike about Facebook; keep it clean like Google+ Mr Zuckerberg.

Source - AllThingsD