Luta Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman UFC 162 fight: Rematch debate

Luta Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman UFC 162 fight: Rematch debate

You have only got to head over to Twitter and Facebook and you will see many people talking about the Luta Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman rematch fight after Silva lost at UFC 162.

After watching the fight it was common knowledge that Silva was being cocky and when he tried to taunt Weidman this is when the punches came flying in putting Silva on his back and losing the fight. Please watch the video below, this seems to have taking the world by storm and social networks are going crazy for a rematch.

Fans most definitely want a rematch, but for some reason we cannot see this happening this year. The Spider encountered punch after punches whilst on the floor when the referee pulled Weidman off him, the now-champion Weidman has hit is 10th career win with the UFC.

Would you like to see the Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman UFC rematch? If there was it will no doubt be the biggest rematch in history according to UFC president Dana White. UFC 168 on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas would be the perfect choice but this is highly unlikely.

After watching the fight we had to say Weidman deserved to win, Silva was cocky and taunting all the way through the bout thinking he was the best man, guess he was not this time round.

What Twitter or Facebook messages have you seen after the Silva vs Weidman fight?

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