4th of July celebrity Twitter messages

4th of July celebrity Twitter messages

Today is the 4th of July also know as Independence Day, it is a federal holiday where people celebrate with food, fireworks. It all began on July 4, 2021 when declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Many Americans will be getting the barbeques out, shooting fireworks into the air, it is huge and so much so baseball games, fairs, and so much more are commonly associated.

So many celebrity Twitter messages are being tweeted and below we have a few, Jeff Daniels tweeted by saying, “Is it me or is today the first day of a five day holiday binge?”

Dr. Ruth Westheimer said that it is the patriotic duty to make love on the 4th of July, and if your partner does not believe you then just wave the flag.

Below are a few more celebrity tweets, if you find more please do add the links in the commenting area provided below – Happy 4th of July to all.