Social network insight to boost your user engagement

Everybody is seeking and making each and every strategy by, which they can attract and engage the customers. Well it is because online business is all about engaging customers to the respective websites well within a few seconds of time. In fact, it takes a hard effort to set up a site with such productive designs and adorable features to engage customers with the site.

Today in this following article you will get some attractive ideas by which engaging and even boosting the customer engagement becomes problem free.

There is a one unique tool, which is awesome to redefine the business, and customer relationship in a short time is “Social Login”. As the name suggests that it stands for affiliate social site accounts with your business website to help customers experience a quick and relishing shopping experience. Lets see some of the following points which highlight that how social log in can be beneficial in engaging and boosting customer.

Think as you are a customer
If you think in this following manner then only you will understand what actually the customer wants. The first thought in your mind via a customers point of view will be designs and easy navigation options. The final phase will be purchasing a product.

If the sites allow only default login option and asks to fill in annoying fields then as a customer you won’t stay long on the website and automatically you will switch to next e-store. So, making things easy and convenient for the customers is the key to drive more sales and conversions.

How to get advance customer engagement?
It is commonly said that “first impression is the last impression” and this fits perfectly to eCommerce business. According to the different surveys and researches, customers who are not satisfied with the website design, content, login process, etc. on the first time fails to turn up again. In fact 90% customers are like this when it comes to online business.

A simple way to get advance customer engagement is a simple login process with complete easiness can help customers engage with your site for a longer time, which in turn improves the sales of your business. So by arranging social login extension on your website, advance customer engagement will become very awesomely easy.

Enable simple Login process for increased sales
There is a simple mentality of everyone that as a customer we like to spend less time and gain more. Whereas, web owners like to force customers spend more time to gain more. Anyway, both the options of are possible with the help of including a social login extension on your ecommerce website. It helps customers to login fast and purchase quickly; on the other hand, helps web owners by engaging customers more on the product page to end up with a purchase. So, social login helps both the customers and store owners mutually.

Let your user Login use different social accounts
Most ecommerce stick to single account login facility, say Facebook, this thing might improve the customer engagement. But, on the adverse, they might lose many customers that have accounts on other social accounts like Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, etc. So, execute a social login extension having the ability to allow customers to login via distinct social accounts would be beneficial.

So try out the above strategies and get the best out of best. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Social network insight to boost your user engagement