New Mac Pro specs, design wows the social crowd

The new Mac Pro desktop PC looks like a futuristic time capsule ready to be sent into space, yes it really does look that good. At WWDC Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller quoted “Can’t innovate any more, my ass.” Apple obviously have read what has been said all over the internet suggesting the company has lost its innovation, the Mac Pro proves most wrong.

The social crowd as well as developers at WWDC cheered the roof off at WWDC 2013 on Monday 10th when Schiller gave us a sneak preview of the next-generation desktop workstation, and it not only looks amazing it comes with super specifications to boot.

The Mac Pro tower has been redesigned, and we mean drastically – The cylindrical chassis is a lot smaller than the previous generation but 2.5 times the power.

This is now a more classy workstation that looks totally different to the normal aluminum tower design we are all used too, at WWDC release dates and prices were not revealed, but at least we got the specs and design, but it will be manufactured in the US.

New Mac Pro Specs
It is only 9.9-inches in height, one-eighth the size of the Mac Pro tower, on the top is a handle and when you twist this round to reveal the back the motion will light up all the I/O ports (Radical but nice touch), inside it has a unified thermal core that will keep the machine cool.

The new Mac Pro also features Xeon E5 12-core processors based on Intel’s Ivy Bridge micro-architecture, there will be configurations with 12-cores available, third-generation PCI Express architecture, dual AMD FirePro workstation-class GPUs, 1866MHz ECC DDR3 RAM, capable of running three 4K displays at any one time, as well as PCIe-based flash memory, 1.0 GBps for writes and 1.25 GBps for reads.

WWDC social crowd were very excited and now we want to ask our social followers what they think of the new Apple Mac Pro – What do you think of the new Mac Pro?

New Mac Pro specs wows the social crowd