Social login insight to boost user engagement

“Engage your customers,” this is what most business icons would say to their successors for a flourishing online business. Well, it is rightly said so, as the online business is all about engaging customers to the respective websites well within a few seconds of time. In fact, it takes mammoth efforts to set up a site with such lucrative designs and adorable features to force customers engage with the site. Today, you’ve got some innovative options, by which engaging and even boosting the customer engagement becomes hassle-free.

One such fabulous tool that can redefine the business and customer relationship in a short span of time is “Social Login.” As the name suggests, it stands for unifying social site accounts with your business website to help customers experience a quick and relishing shopping experience. Let’s have a peek at some of the points which highlight Social Login can be potentially beneficial in customer engagement and boosting it.

Think as a customer first, estore owner second
This thought process could work miracles for any business. Just place yourself in the place of customers for a short period of time. What exactly will be going through your mind when you visit an online store selling some high-quality products! Well, the first and foremost thing would be the designs and easy navigation options. The final phase will be purchasing a product.

If the site comprises only default login option and asks to fill in tedious fields to create an account, how long would you stay in the site? Obviously, in a few seconds you’ll be moving to the next estore. So, making things easy and convenient for the customers is the key to drive more sales and conversions. Let’s continue with our assumption, if the second site provides an option to login using your social login accounts, you’ll log in to the site in no time and add the product to the cart in no time. Imagine how simple the entire process of purchasing has transformed into!

How to boost customer engagement?
It is often said that “First impression are the only impressions,” and it fits perfectly to ecommerce business. According to the different surveys and researches, customers who are not satisfied with the website design, content, login process, etc. on the first time fails to turn up again. In fact, 90% of customers are like this when it comes to online business. But, on the other hand, if the customers are inspired by unified login process, perfect design, they tend to throng the site often and it has been demonstrated by many surveys.

A simple login process with complete easiness can help customers engage with your site for a longer time, which in turn improves the sales of your business. So, by deploying social login extension on your website, boosting customer engagement becomes awesomely easy.

Enabling fast customer login for increased sales
Time, it plays a formidable role in the lives of both the customers and web owners. The customers like to spend less time and gain more. Whereas, web owners like to force customers spend more time to gain more. Anyway, both the options of are possible with the help of including a social login extension on your ecommerce website. It helps customers to login fast and purchase quickly; on the other hand, helps web owners by engaging customers more on the product page to end up with a purchase. So, social login helps both the customers and store owners mutually.

Let your user login using different social accounts
Most online estores stick to single social account login facility, say Facebook, thinking it might improve the customer engagement. But, on the contrary, they might lose many customers that have accounts on other social accounts like Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, etc. So, implementing a social login extension having the ability to allow customers to login via distinct social accounts would be beneficial. This would definitely play a key role in engaging customers for more than 12-15 minutes on your product page.

I hope the information shared here over the social login and its significance was highly beneficial to everyone who read this post. I believe you enjoyed reading this article and information provided. Improve customer engagement using social login and expand the sales by leaps and bounds.

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