Prancercise YouTube video gallops to viral status

Prancercise is a funny name in itself and some may say the fitness revolution has gone mad, call it what you may because it seems to be very popular indeed and so much so the Prancercise YouTube video has gone viral.

The Prancercise video we have provided below was posted on Dec 25, 2012, but since then and for some reason it has gone viral over the last few days.

Prancercise is a fitness workout by creator Joanna Rohrback and in the video she shows you how to stay fit by imitating horse movements such as galloping, trotting and prancing.

The video itself is now at 5,569,572 views and the comments over the last day or so have been piling in, one commenter said “In a weird way I_ find this woman utterly adorable. Yeah, it looks silly, but you know what? She’s probably fitter than most women HALF her age.”

You can visit the official Prancercise website that explains more about the exercise, personally we say watch the video below first to see what you think, its best to watch rather than read at the moment to get an idea.

I got to say on a personal note I would not do this exercise down the street, can you imagine how many drivers would crash after staring at me prancing around. It looks like it is a great exercise but one we would keep at home.

What do you think of the Prancercise fitness revolution?

Prancercise YouTube video gallops to viral status