New Facebook update for smartphone users

Facebook Home being developed and launched recently for Facebook users is an interesting and amazing feature on the Android and iOS mobile screens, which brings the interaction closer and delights people. In this move of Change, Facebook rolled out a new update for Android and iOS app with an awesome feature.

The “Creepy Stickers” are on the fast move, and it is not an app only for Facebook web, but it has been used on Facebook Home, which was rolled out earlier. New update of Facebook app adds more features within. Stickers that were made available on all mobile platforms are free only for Facebook users. They have updated the sticker app store with Free Stickers for messaging and Facebook app. Updated eight stickers with the name “Skullington” recently.

Facebook’s recently updated app’s strike out on the messenger platform, this has an ability to delete the unwanted comment on the posts, the highlight of this new update is a software push of a restructured layout of business pages, which runs on iOS. The user interface has been made easier and catchier with this update. Likes, Swipe deletes of comments, directions, chat on and off, as well as hangouts being added as we see in Google Maps or Yelp.

Enthusiastic feature to messenger is the swipe to delete. Where only users of iOS can archive the unwanted messages but couldn’t completely eradicate from the app, which is a bulk storage of “no space” attribute on some day, this was now being redesigned with the function, deleting messages, while swiping on the menu.

There was an update made with single app or tool, it was marked on a few, an another noticeable change that brings a bit change of code, was made visible on messaging and Facebook app, which is all about photo filters for image uploading users, who share in groups or private pages. For a quick access, the images uploaded were saved in a “shared photos” album; friends can have notification enabled for the exchanged images. They can view the images instantly by a single click on the “label”.

What had they put forth beyond update? Just by digging, we found out an “Ongoing notification,” which runs on the Facebook home and desktop. It can be switched off in Facebook application settings, which can be managed by dragging an icon on the task bar through the shortcut, on messages, friend request and notifications bar, which appears after this update with “Alert on always as default”. Strategic Plan! But yet there is a bitter screaming around the people community, that Facebook has grabbed the user control and it was not working with some version of Android mobiles. Sooner there will a solution, hope!

Whenever a new innovation sprouts out, there will be some changes to be made, considering the user reviews and its functional disabilities. Though the testing could reclaim its ability before its deliverance, it’s not possible to run the test on modes of platform. Quite it’s being still under unsteady state, anyway it will be stable some day. People who use Facebook comment over here, your user experiences and the solution for the app functions, let it move viral to make them know what you and I expect.

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