Twitter shows PS4 popularity after Xbox One reveal

Microsoft and Sony are the two big names when it comes to building gaming consoles, and even after the Xbox One reveal it seems the PS4 wins in the popularity corner.

Over on GameSpot they started a new “Tweet Your Allegiance Now” poll by using hashtags GameSpotXbox and GameSpotPS4 and all users needed to do was use the hashtag of the console they prefer the most.

The top #GameSpotPS4 countries included 16% for United States, United Kingdom 7% and France5%, and for the top #GameSpotXbox countries the stats revealed United States 15%, France 11% and United Kingdom 6%.

When it came to the ‘Who’s Winning’ over on Twitter in the popularity corner the stats showed 88% for the PS4 and only 12% for the Xbox One.

We do not know much about gaming but what we have learned is that the new Xbox One will feature immense entertainment integration such as television services, sports packages and streaming apps.

It also seems likely that those outside off USA such as those in the UK for example will not be able to access these and this could be the reason why other countries are not interested in the Xbox One according to Cinema Blend.

The Xbox One will be an amazing experience for gamers but it clearly highlights more towards the entertainment side of things, where the PS4 will probably lean more towards gameplay. We here at OSM are not gaming buffs so we will sit on the fence with this one and let the Twitter poll speak for itself.

Please do let us know if you prefer the Xbox One or more interested in the PS4?

Twitter shows PS4 popularity after Xbox One reveal