Google+ update on mobile browser similar to desktop

If you choose not to use your Google+ app on your mobile device because you prefer to use the mobile web version, you might just like the new update that is now in full affect.

It has not even been a full week since Google+ had a revamp for its desktop version of the social networking site, and now they have re-designed its mobile web version.

There are 41 new features on the Google+ mobile web update, and in a way the image-centric design has similarities to Facebook and Pinterest layouts.

Some of the new features include automatic addition of related hashtags to the stream; multi-column layout and the photos will now appear larger than normal.

When users now add a post they will look like “cards” in the stream, which is great because it means we can see them a lot better than before on the mobile web.

Other features include Pages and Profiles including larger “tap targets,” and cover photos, sharing and +1 will be much easier than before.

Please do let us know if you like the new Google+ update for mobile web?

Google+ update on mobile browser similar to desktop