5 essential tools to build a better twitter following

Twitter is obviously a big deal in social media and also in SEO, so if you want to build a healthy flow of traffic you need to conquer this valuable platform. But finding time utilise Twitter effectively is not always easy.

This post was written to give you my pick of the best 5 tools, which will make you more effective at managing your Twitter profiles. Used together these awesome tools can save you time and improve your presence on Twitter – helping you to grow a bigger and (more importantly) more engaged audience.

Got your attention? Fab, let’s get started then!

Cyfe is a new business and marketing dashboard (full disclosure, I work for them) and it is a great tool for tracking your progress across all of your social and marketing platforms. It’s not limited to just Twitter, and you can also monitor multiple Twitter accounts from one dashboard.

This is a great way to see at a glance how many followers you have, how active each Twitter account is and lots of other helpful bits. You can also track other SEO related stuff like Analytics and rankings; all with nice graphs and charts to show your progress.

I use Hootsuite mainly as a tracking tool to monitor my Twitter streams in more detail. I tend to have different columns showing me things like:
• My home feed (what my niche is talking about)
• Mentions (who is talking about me)
• Searches (any mention of my brand)
• Direct messages (anyone talking to me)

I don’t really use it to send out Tweets (there’s a better tool for that sort of thing) but I do use it to keep on top of branding and as a way to communicate with other users and thank them for mentioning me.

Most Twitter users struggle use Twitter consistently enough. You’ve probably been there; one week you are really on it and you send out lots of Tweets and build a few followers as a result. And then you get busy and forget about Twitter for a week or two.

Buffer gives you a little extension (for Chrome) that makes it super easy to queue up pretty much anything for later Tweeting. All you do is set when you want Tweets to go out and then, anything you add to Buffer gets Tweeted out, one by one at the next available Tweet time.

So as long as you keep your Buffer queue full of Tweets your Twitter account will always be active, even when you are otherwise engaged.

Simply Measured
Simply measured offer a full suite of tools and their paid plans are pretty (very) expensive, but they also give you a few free reports that can be very helpful. In particular I like the Twitter competitor analysis.

This report gives you a really handy analysis of your competitor’s Twitter followers, which you can compare to yours. The most useful part though is that you can download a list of up to 10,000 of their followers into Excel, which you can target for your own follower list.

Just Unfollow
Again, a nice free tool which serves one purpose, it gives you a list of people you are following who do not follow you. The list is in date order, so you can unfollow people who you have been following a while that have not followed you back.

The free version lets you unfollow 50 people per day, so why not try to follow 50 new people each day, and unfollow 50 old ones each day. This is a great way to gradually grow your account.

About Autor: My name is Clive & as I said: I work for Cyfe, the Social and Marketing dashboard. We offer free accounts, so give us a try here and please let us know what you think! Thanks for reading my post.

5 essential tools to build a better twitter following

  • Jeremy Tayer

    Love Cyfe! It’s a great way to keep track of your entire business from one place.