6 LinkedIn PlugIns you have to use

LinkedIn is a social media site dedicated towards professionals finding one another. The site is used in a very large way for Business-to-Business sales and programs. Of course, that isn’t all that can be found on this unique social media network. You can find professionals of a wide variety of talents in every shape and size imaginable. If you want to make your stay on LinkedIn fully worthwhile, however, there are six PlugIns you absolutely have to use. Lucky for you, we’ve made a neat, comprehensive list of them so you don’t have to do all of the research on your own. So, without further ado, allow us to introduce the six PlugIns, which are going to make your LinkedIn experience a true success.

1. Follow Company Plugin
Chances are you have a website or a blog to go with your LinkedIn profile. Use this Follow Company Plugin to help grown your LinkedIn Company page community straight from your main website, blog, or both! When a user clicks on the follow company button, they will automatically begin following your LinkedIn profile. It’s as easy as that to get more followers!

2. Member Profile
This Plugin allows you to bring LinkedIn member profiles to your website or blog. This is extremely useful in helping visitors to your site discover common professional connections. You can use this in one of three different ways:
• You can embed your profile summary card directly to your website or blog, which includes your name, profile picture, location, and profession along with a quick link to your full profile.
• Embed the LinkedIn logo with your full name, which will reveal your profile summary card once clicked or hovered over by the interested party.
• Or you can embed the LinkedIn logo only, which will (like the second option mentioned above) reveal your profile summary card when someone hovers over it or clicks on it.

3. Sign In With LinkedIn
This is a plugin that we particularly love. This nifty little thing, which looks like a little rectangle when imbedded into your website or blog, allows people to sign into your web page using their LinkedIn professional identity. This plugin is amazingly easy to install, so with only a minimal amount of work on your own behalf you can use this product to quickly grow your site registrations while at the same time building an enriching, personalized experience for your users. You can even customize your functionality based on a user’s geography, work experience, and network. While a lot of social media sites have this type of ‘sign in’ plugin, we have fallen in love with LinkedIn’s customizable version.

4. Apply With LinkedIn Plugin
This plugin is a lot like the one mentioned above, only instead of allowing people to register and use your site with their LinkedIn professional identity, it allows them to apply for jobs you have posted using LinkedIn. If you have job openings at your business or organization, this neat plugin will make things a lot easier on your applicants. You can also integrate this with your Applicant Tracking System, as well as add an interface with your company logo and color. On this interface, you can add up to three custom yes or no questions. By using the Apply With LinkedIn Plugin, you can begin to attract the most talented individuals from your profession with ease.

5. Recommend With LinkedIn
This plugin is particularly useful for article or blog sites. It allows a person to recommend your page, article, blog post, or picture with just one click of their mouse. With your products and services coming so easily recommended to LinkedIn’s professional audience, you can drive traffic back to your personal website much easier than before. There are three options on how these button will appear on your website.
• You can embed a recommend button that has a count of how many people have previously recommend that particular item shown directly above it.
• You can have the same as the first option, but with a small count located directly to the right side of the recommend button.
• Or, you can simply have the recommend button displayed by itself without a count of how many people have already shared that particular item.

6. Company Insider
This plugin allows you to enhance your content by showing rich, personalized insights about the companies you have featured on your website. You can show your users customized information, such as:
• Who in their network works at a particular company
• The list of new hires
• The list of job changes

In addition to being able to see this information, users can also follow a company with a single click in order to track that specific company’s news and insights.

If you want to make your stay on LinkedIn enriching and worthwhile, we highly suggest using these six PlugIns They will not only help to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile, but also to drive traffic from LinkedIn back to your site. With these PlugIns, you can fully integrate your marketing program, interact easier with your followers, and make your life (and that of your users) much easier. We hope that you enjoy using these PlugIns, and that your time spent on LinkedIn is worth every second. Thanks, and good luck!

Author: Arlene Brill loves all things Internet Marketing. She is currently working with SociaLink Media, a leading social media campaign consulting company based in Minneapolis and Chicago. When she is not working, she is often found reading motivational books and hiking with her dog.

6 LinkedIn PlugIns You Have To Use

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