LinkedIn unique jobs to grab ones attention

We all know by now that LinkedIn is famous for the business minded, but one area of expertise is LinkedIn Jobs. It is a good social platform for getting ones name out there and works both for those looking for jobs and a company looking for employees.

We have found something very interest today by way on an infographic titled “Out of the ordinary job opportunities on LinkedIn”, this is actually a good and interesting find.

LinkedIn has around 220,000 job opportunities that have been listed on the social site, and the interactive infographic we have added below highlights the more unique job roles around the world.

Take for example a job role working in McMurdo Station in Antarctica as a ground electronics technician, or how about a job being a Ninja, this sounds all crazy but these jobs do exist on LinkedIn.

Luke Baxter, who is the group manager of Online Talent Solutions at LinkedIn mentioned that is the past 18-months LinkedIn has doubled the number of job opportunities posted on the social network, there is around 8,000 internship jobs, which is perfect for Students as the summer is getting closer.

Other job roles include a ‘Color Capturing Captain’ for a photography intern for a company called Jaipur Rugs Inc in Alanta, CA. Another job posted on LinkedIn is for a Voice Talent working for The McCarthy Cos is Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Please take a look at the interactive infographic below, what unique jobs have you seen on LinkedIn?

[slideshare id=21114302&doc=outofordinaryjobsonlinkedin-130513120552-phpapp01&type=d]

LinkedIn unique jobs to grab ones attention