Google+ refurbish goodness sexier than Facebook

Google+ refurbish goodness sexier than Facebook

Google I/O yesterday was very interesting indeed with new announcements; one that has blown us away has to be the Google+ refurbish goodness that in our eyes looks sexier than Facebook.

It seems Google opened up a new can and released a refresh of it social network site, that not only looks good on the eye but with an additional 41 new features will keep followers smiling.

The new social networking service technology toolkit is now surely a menace to Facebook, the photo features has had a well-groomed revamp. The whole design looks amazing, clean and fresh on the eye, the photo section now features backed up and organized photos, you can find the highlights faster, photos look better than ever and new pictures can now be created just for you. For more information on the new photo section features please read this.

The photo section now has an automatic selection that comes with facial recognition technology and a cool database that can determine the relationship of those featured in the photo, in a nutshell it will recognise the best photos with friends or family of a person who uploads a load of pictures to Google Plus.

The photo section revamp is vast so please click the link above for in-depth information, other features added to Google+ that we love is the automatic hashtags, as soon as you start typing and add something the automatic hashtag system kicks in, which will indentify topics you are talking about in a post.

The hastagging system also works within photos; if you prefer not to use hashtags you do get the choice of deleting them. Google+ still looks clean, no ads unlike ad-rich Facebook. If Google+ stays like this then people will love this even more. Facebbook does not use the hashtag system; they will be adding soon enough you can count on that.

Google+ now has new Hangouts, connecting with other people will be much easier. The new Hangout will now let you know who is typing at what time, who has read the messages, access conversations across devices, it also features multi-person voice chat and pick up conversations where you left off on Android, iOS and Android devices.

The new Google+ stream looks amazing that will change to your own tastes and needs, the whole look is different and features a two-column layout that you can change to a three column if you prefer. This is great for different size devices, if you have a 27-inch display you might prefer the three-column layout, if you have a small device then one or two column set-up might be better for you.

Please do let us know what you think of the new Google+ refurbish, do you think it looks sexier than Facebook?