New David Bowie YouTube music video not so explicit

The new David Bowie music video called ‘The Next Day’ was pulled from YouTube because its content violated YouTube’s terms of service, in a nutshell it was too explicit to show. On Wednesday it got an adult-only rating, fans will be happy to know the video has been reinstated.

New David Bowie YouTube music video not so explicit

The music video by David Bowie shows him dressed like a Christ-like figure and surrounding him are scantily dressed women and priests.

The year is 2013 and David Bowie can still turn heads with a controversial video, but in our eyes the new David Bowie music video on YouTube is not so explicit like we first thought. As soon as we heard it was pulled we thought it would have been controversial but it was a video not showing that much at all.

The video stars French actress Marion Cotillard with blood coming out of her wounds, and there is a priest played by Gary Oldman who condemns Bowie. The video has now been stamped with an 18 restriction for viewers; you can watch the David Bowie The Next Day video directed by Floria Sigismond below.

David Bowie is now at the top of the British album charts thanks to the ‘The Next Day’ album, 20 years has been a long time Bowie so well done to you sir.

Please let us know if you think the new David Bowie YouTube music video is explicit or not?

Source - Sky News