Ways to Augment Registrations Using Social Login

Usually with online websites, what customers generally do is create an account with the website, login, interact with the site, purchase their favourite product and therefore become a lifetime member of the site. But, the question here is, how many of these customers would remember their login ids? Probably 30-40%, and the remaining obviously forget.

More than half of them just create it for the sake of that ‘one-time’ purchase and eventually forget it, as it wouldn’t be of any use for them in the future. Online registration process is of course important, but only in cases when it is actually necessary. It is not needed that customers need to fill up those lengthy registration forms for unnecessary purchases.

Above all, the biggest crisis faced by web store owners is ‘shopping cart abandonment’. As online shopper we actually hastate to create accounts on each and every site we come through. We simply neglect shopping from those sites just because of the registration process involved and skip on to another site. ‘Over 30% of online shopping carts are rejected just because of the lengthy registration forms the sites ask to fill up’, said a recent report. ‘Social Login’ is the only absolute solution to overcome this crisis.
What is ‘Social Login’?

Today, every individual in this world is aware of social networks and would definitely own accounts in these sites. Facebook and Twitter are all on our day-to-day talks and I am sure that almost all web users will be logging into their social profiles at least once in a day. Taking this as an added advantage, several online web owners have started to implement the social login module into their websites. With these kinds of extensions, customers need not have to create an individual login for their stores. It is just enough that they can login using their social accounts.

‘Social login’ allows site visitors to register or sign in using the social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other social networking account, which entirely depends upon the extension. This in other words is a simplified online registration system. Listed below are few ways in which one can make social login system effectively.

• Outstanding Login Buttons
• Minimizing registration forms or fill-ins
• Social sharing buttons
• Rewarding social login customers
• Offer both social login and traditional login systems
• Offer bonus

Social login has proven to be an absolute solution to overcome shopping cart abandonment. Sites, which have implemented this module, have mentioned that after installing these kinds of extensions, their sales factors have witnessed a tremendous growth.

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Ways to Augment Registrations Using Social Login

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